Amplified & Encore

Jasmine Kiss has rockstar dreams, horrible stage fright, and no place to live.

5 band members. 2 weeks. 1 road trip from hell… 

I lied my way into a band, humiliated them on stage, and got my heart broken by the bassist. Now…we’re on tour together.

Of course my dad, who I haven’t seen since he kicked me out, makes a surprise visit the day before we leave. Spoiler alert: It doesn’t go well. I have to quit the band and go to college or he’s cutting me out of his life for good. 

This tour is the best opportunity we may ever have – and it’s already a disaster. We’re broke. We can’t stop fighting. And being in such close quarters to Sean isn’t exactly helping me get over him. Even though we’re just friends now, every time our fingers brush or our eyes catch, my heart betrays me. He’s the kind of distraction I can’t afford to have right now…no matter how much I wish things were different.

This is one road trip that will be hard to forget…

Available December 5, 2016 – only $3.99!

“……inspiring, heartwarming, and engaging.”


When privileged 17-year-old Jasmine gets kicked out of her house, she takes what is left of her savings and flees to Santa Cruz to pursue her dream of becoming a musician. Jasmine finds the ideal room in an oceanfront house, but she needs to convince the three guys living there that she’s the perfect roommate and lead guitarist for their band, C-Side. Too bad she has major stage fright and the cute bassist doesn’t think a spoiled girl from over the hill can hack it. . .

In this fresh new novel by critically acclaimed author Tara Kelly, Jasmine finds out what happens when her life gets Amplified.

“Jasmine will have readers in her corner from the first flip remark out of her mouth, and Kelly’s (Harmonic Feedback) background in music is evident in her electric descriptions of Jasmine’s evolution as a performer.”

Publishers Weekly

“Jasmine is a talented guitarist and a hard worker, but her almost crippling stage fright and defensive attitude create barriers that could end her dream before it starts. She is realistically imperfect but likable, and, with time, she convinces her bandmates and herself that she is much more than a spoiled wannabe.”


School Library Journal

What does C-Side listen to?

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