Nitesky (Cato Remix) by Robot Koch feat. John LaMonica

If there was ever a song for Jasmine and Sean, this would be it. Once you read their “astronerd” scene together, you’ll understand why.

Goddess by Banks

Whenever Jasmine is alone, she belts the hell out of this song.

Sleepwalker by 2:54

Jasmine and Veta love this band – it makes them want to do a side project together.

Love Hurt Bleed by Gary Numan

Bryn had this album on repeat to keep himself awake while driving.

Exit Wounds by Placebo

Whenever Jasmine thinks about Sean… Or maybe it’s whenever Sean thinks of Jasmine. Any guesses?

Old Time Glory by Keep Shelly in Athens

This is the mood C-Side creates when they’re at their best… Keep Shelly in Athens is in big rotation on Jasmine’s playlist.

Highway 77 by Bonfire Beach

Veta has this song and album on repeat throughout the tour – it’s feel good music to her.

Vicious by The New Division

Felix is a huge The New Division fan – and he’s super excited about the new album.

Black Out Days by Phantogram

Jasmine listened to this a lot post-Jeremy.

Disruptism (Principles of Geometry Remix) by Gyrls

This one got a lot of plays on Sean’s tour playlist.

WTF Is Wrong with You People by Combichrist

About halfway through the tour, they were playing this song a LOT in the van.

Illicit by Skinny Puppy

Ah, Skinny Puppy. The one band everyone in C-Side loves.